Welcome to Drighlington MOT Centre Drighlington, your “one stop” car repair workshop

A high-quality, speedy service at a low price, located conveniently in central Drighlington – that’s the bottom line when you choose Drighlington MOT Centre Auto Centre.
Our name says it all: an MOT with us takes one hour on average, while a diagnostic check is usually even quicker.
Both services are part of the broad range we offer, across a wide range of makes and models.

For example, alongside the more usual exhaust and tyre fitting, or maybe a full service, there are specialist offerings such as an air conditioning service and performance tuning and remapping.

A fast, quality service

And while we might be fast, it doesn’t come at the expense of attention to detail.

Our staff are qualified, reliable and friendly: you’re more than welcome to chat while we work on your car, and we’re more than happy to offer advice.
We’re also experienced: four decades and counting suggests as much. We like to think we’re doing something right.

Such high levels of customer service extend throughout your experience with us: we offer free quotes and advice, as well as free checks, for example, of your car’s exhaust, tyres, wheel alignment, brakes, steering and suspension.

Trustworthy & affordable

And on the subject of expense, it should be pointed out that we offer low prices throughout our range of services.

Finally, there’s the convenience. Located on King Street, Drighlington, we’re only 5 minutes away from Yorkshire Retail Park, Birstall, so why not Shop, Dine or visit Showcase Cinema while we service your car?

Our Services

Listed below are a selection of our most popular services. Click here for more information and our full range of services.

Exhausts Drighlington


Some problems might persist, undetected, for months – years even. But we all know more or less instantly when our car has suffered a blown exhaust.

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Tyres Drighlington


With blowouts a rare occurrence, it’s usually the case that a bald or flat tyre represents the worst-case scenario for the majority of Motorists.

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Vehicle Servicing Drighlington


As well as the speed at which we get things done, the high-quality service and low prices, we pride ourselves on our sheer range of services.

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MOTs Drighlington


It almost goes without saying that this is one of our most popular services. And who can argue when one also considers the quality of service we offer.

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Diagnostics Drighlington


Normally, a good indication that your car’s electrical systems are starting to malfunction comes when the dash starts lighting up like a Christmas tree.

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