Some problems might persist, undetected, for months – years even. But we all know more or less instantly when our car has suffered a blown exhaust.

It’s the motoring equivalent of fingernails scraping down a chalkboard. A visit to Fast Fit, however, will fix the problem with the minimum of fuss. You don’t even have to make a booking.

We have a wide range of high-quality exhausts available, the best brands and most popular parts, covering just about every make and model of car (and light commercial vehicle) we can think of.

Our staff possess many years’ relevant experience and knowledge of all the latest exhaust technologies, not to mention associated technologies such as DPF/FAP components and catalytic converters.

We’ll fit either full or part systems as required and a low price is guaranteed. Not only that, if you bring your car in we’ll give it a free inspection.

An exhaust failure is one of the most common problems to strike down the motorist, yet one of the easiest and quickest to fix.

So next time it happens – and chances are you’ll know about it soon enough – ensure the easiest and quickest fix in the region.

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