A car’s suspension system is hugely important as it helps maintain comfort and control on the road. Yet more than just about any other component, it’s also a real glutton for punishment.

The most obvious benefit of a car’s suspension is, of course, the smooth ride it allows. And in doing so, the functions it performs are many and crucial.

Besides supporting chassis weight, the suspension maintains stable ride height, reduces shock forces and helps keeps wheel alignment.

Fundamentally, it must also keep a car’s wheels in contact with the road and ensure stability during acceleration, braking and cornering.

And aside from the comfort felt by the passengers, the suspension also helps ensure an easier ride for the car’s many other components.

In doing so, however, it does tend to mean that the suspension components themselves bear the brunt, which is why they require frequent checking and maintenance.

At Drighlington MOT Centre we offer a high quality, efficient service at a competitive price, offering both experience and knowledge of the latest suspension technologies.

That experience shows when our staff set about inspecting your car’s suspension components. Suffice to say, they know all about springs, dampers, struts, wishbones and bushes (particularly bushes, since they tend to fail before anything else).

And because of the particular stresses and strains placed on suspension systems, we only fit OE (original equipment) matching parts when performing a service.

Our staff will be more than happy to explain the ins and outs to you – it’s all part of our service, which includes a free suspension check and quote as well as advice. You don’t even have to make a booking.

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