With blowouts, thankfully, a very rare occurrence indeed, it’s usually the case that a bald or flat tyre represents the worst-case scenario for the majority of Motorists.

Invariably, they’re flagged up during an MOT or regular service. Then again, you might spot the tell-tale signs yourself and decide that speedy action is called for. 

Here at Drighlington MOT Centre, we’re ready, willing and able to oblige – and you don’t even have to make a booking.

We have access to a wide range of both budget and branded tyres, will fit them while you wait and guarantee a low price.

On top of that, we offer free quotes, tyre checks and advice. It’s the sort of advice that comes with experience and, thanks to our knowledge of the latest technologies, developments and techniques, a high level of expertise.

We also offer puncture repair and wheel balancing if necessary – all part of a service we hope that, besides satisfying the customer’s need for efficiency, courtesy and excellent value for money, will also offer reassurance.

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