Air Conditioning

R134A and R1234YF aircon service and repair.

This service is offered all year round too, not just for the two weeks of summer we seem to get here in the UK… 🙂

Here at Drighlington MOT Centre we offer a full service and repair package, from a simple regas, to a full diagnostic test and repair.

  • R134A regas from £40 (see conditions below).
  • R1234YF regas from £130 (see conditions below).
  • Full aircon service including cabin filter and sanitiser to remove smells and bacteria.
  • Full leak testing, (see below).
  • Component replacement, Condensers, compressors etc.
  • Pipe and hose replacements
  • Pipe and hose repairs.


Please note, if you’re aircon has stopped working or is not as cold as expected, the chances are it has developed a leak, we will always connect the gauges first and check the pressures before we carry out a regas, refilling a system that we suspect may have a leak is illegal and a waste of costly gas.

Leaks are the most common faults in aircon systems

Leak testing service

Using a special blend of Nitrogen and Hydrogen and a special sniffer, we are able to test for the smallest of leaks, very important we think with the rising prices of aircon gas and the damage these leaks can do to the ozone/environment.

Benefits of an air conditioning system?

  1. Quick demisting of windows on wet cold mornings.
  2. Acts as a dehumidifier to remove moisture from inside your car.
  3. More economical than driving with your windows down.
  4. A well maintained aircon system prevents premature failure of components that could lead to further vehicle problems.
  5. Probably most important, comfort and feeling cool.

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